United Shield 24" x 51" Level IIIA Ballistic Shield w/Viewport & Standard Handle

United Shield 24" x 51" Level IIIA Ballistic Shield w/Viewport & Standard Handle

United Shield

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Product Description:

The United Shield range of NIJ Level IIIA, III, III+, and IV ballistic shields incorporates the latest materials, technology, lightweight design and a handle system that has been ergonomically refined over a number of years. They provide tactical firearms teams with protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats. The shields are available in a standard range of sizes and protection levels, which are listed below with equivalent weights. The shields have a standard ballistic protection of NIJ Level IIIA, but other protection levels are available on request. 

Product Specifications

  • The standard color of the shields is black
  • Medium, large and grande sizes have different window size options. A set of lights can be fixed to the top of the shield. A carry bag can also be purchased for each shield size.
  • Further options include rigid handles, cut out weapon rests and collapsible shields.
  • Manufactured with advanced composite, high performance aramid fibers for multi-hit capability at light weights.
  • Hard wearing edge protection
  • Curved rectangular design for rigidity and maximum protection against angle shots
  • Unique multi-position, multi-grip handle options to allow user to customize grip to minimize fatigue

Spartain Shield Technology (SST):

  • United Shield International introduces the latest technology breakthrough in lightweight ballistic protection, SPARTAN SST technology.
  • SPARTAN SST provides the platform to manufacture shields at unparalleled weights.  Competitive technologies produce shields that weigh 50% – 65% more than SPARTAN SST.
  • Level IIIA shield
  • Mulit hit Capability
  • NIJ IIIA performance – .357 Sig125gr FMJ 1450 ft/s  and  .44 Mag 240gr SJHP 1450 ft/s
  • Level III upgrade for rifle protection available.

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