Brunton F-NOMADV2  Nomad V2 Digital Compass

Brunton F-NOMADV2 Nomad V2 Digital Compass


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Enjoy straightforward, precise navigation with the push of a button with the Brunton Nomad V2 digital compass. The Nomad V2 offers forward and reverse bearing and is declination adjustable, helping you compensate for regions with magnetic variation. Even better, the compass not only navigates, but it informs as well, with current temperature readings in C or F, time and date readings, and daily alarms that keep you on your toes. The device even includes a built-in bubble level (with +/- 2-degree accuracy) for determining whether a surface is flat or uneven. The end result is a reliable compass that makes a great outdoor travel companion.


  • Easy-to-use digital compass with intuitive 1-button operation
  • Forward and reverse bearing; bubble level with +/- 2-degree accuracy
  • Declination adjustable for regions with magnetic variation
  • Temperature readings in C or F; clock/calendar with daily alarms
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