ASP Key Defender, Pink - Exp. Date: December 2014

ASP Key Defender, Pink - Exp. Date: December 2014


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Personal Defenders eliminate the likelihood of accidental OC discharge. The horizontal firing system combined with a wraparound safety and thumb activated brass swivel preclude unintended activation. Discharging the system requires two separate and distinct operations to disengage the safety and activate the Insert. Personal Defenders are available in six anodized colors, electroless nickel plating and matte black texture. Both Palm and Key Defenders have solid brass swivel activators, wraparound Delrin safeties and heat treated black chrome split rings. Heat (OC) and Test (Inert) Inserts are replaceable. Traditional chemical irritants are little more than specially loaded spray cans. ASP Defenders were specifically designed as a dispersion system for chemical irritants. Rather than filling a standard aerosol can with Oleoresin Capsicum, Defenders incorporate a proprietary container, specially produced valve system and patented dispensing mechanism. They are precision machined from aerospace aluminum and solid brass. The entire unit is o-ring sealed.

    Heat treated and black chrome plated nesting rings provide secure retention of keys.
    The thumb released wraparound design of the Defender safety requires two separate and distinct operations to release and activate the unit.
    The use of bright dip architectural anodizing, matte black hardcoat and electroless nickel plating assures the durability of each Defender.
    Defenders use proprietary replaceable Inserts that were designed by ASP to provide straight line dispersion of Heat (OC) or Test (Inert).
    An extremely precise aperture that controls the pattern of OC.

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