Blackhawk Multipoint Tactical Slings

Blackhawk Multipoint Tactical Slings


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The BLACKHAWK! MultiPoint Tactical Sling solves two key problems for shooters – Make a multipoint sling easy to use and keep the sling from rubbing your neck raw.

Highly Comfortable

Slick-edged, wide webbing disperses load, and the patented, rapid adjust slider instantly adjust sling length on the move.

Instantly Change From a 1-Point to a 2-Point Sling

Instant conversion from a single-point to a two-point sling is standard issue, providing unmatched support and versatility for your tactical rifle.

Rapid Adjust Slider For High Speed Transition

Designed to operate in the most demanding environments, the rugged but lightweight design is the perfect mix of comfort, adaptability and speed.

QD Stretch: 2-to-1 Point QD Link, Heavy duty GrovTec, Push Button QD connections, Elliptical bungee for load bearing and sighting stability

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